Mockups are an essential part of any presentation you’ll make to a new client. You want a low-cost, high quality example of your work to highlight exactly what kind of design expertise you’re bringing to the table. Moreover, you want to start a conversation around the concepts you’re bringing to said table.

With mockups, you can:

  • Elicit client feedback
  • Exemplify your ideas
  • Showcase your style and talent
  • Set the stage for further project developments

It’s always vital to have something concrete that you can bring to a presentation pitch. By using mockups to present your work, you can demonstrate your vision without undue (or unpaid) considerations or man-hours put in.

Today’s article will allow us to discuss the power and potential of your mockup designs in a little more depth.

Immersion and Persuasion

It’s not enough to discuss your ideas for a design. You’ve got to show your potential clients what your ideas look like. Mockups are the perfect way to bring your client’s perception into your mind’s eye. You can cheaply and easily render your initial ideas for their project in high definition.

Not only that, but you can show them how their branding will appear from multiple viewpoints. They’ll be able to see their homepage from a smartphone screen, their logo on a business card, or even how their branding will appear when they send an email. In short, you’re creating an immersive experience to persuade them of the value your services can provide.

It’s one thing to explain your credentials. It’s another thing entirely to provide an experience to your clients that will show your true value. Emphasizing benefits over features is sales 101, after all.

Creating Conversations as Well as Conversions

The great thing about Mockups is that they can give an idea of the direction your designs are going, and these can become talking points. You only include the most prominent and important features of your designs in mockups. That means you give your client an overall idea of what you’re offering, and allow their imaginations to fill in the blanks. That blank space is where the conversations surrounding their own ideas for their branding, as well as the benefits of collaboration with your business, are going to take place.

And because mockups are low-cost and low effort (as opposed to full-fledged graphic designs), clients will be more honest/critical in their assessments of your ideas. In other words, they won’t feel obligated to be complimentary due to the substantial amount of time and effort you’ve already put in. while this might not sound great at first, it’s an incredible time saver.

Trust me when I tell you that it’s preferable to have an honest conversation with a client that consists of constructive criticism, rather than to have them smile and nod through your presentation without ever explaining why they decided against hiring you for a project.

Cooperation and Collaboration

As I’ve mentioned, mockups are a fast and easy method of presenting your ideas, they facilitate discussion around a client’s brand, and most importantly: they bring the primary elements of your designs into focus. Most notably, they highlight content and function.

Often when discussing these two facets of design, it can be easy to get caught up in technical details. By presenting your work in mockup, you are able to skip the “tutorial” part of the conversation, and proceed with examining the results. This medium really promotes that immersive experience that you should aim to give your clients. Which, in turn, moves conversations in a positive direction.

Beyond simply creating productive discourse with potential clients, mockups increase cohesion with your collaborators as well. Assuming you nailed the pitch (and why wouldn’t you? You savvy salesman, you!), you’ll have a lot of work to do taking the concepts presented in your mockups into fully functional design reality. You might even need help.

If that’s the case then mockups can come in handy when illustrating your ideas to co-workers.

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to sample some mockups, check out these stellar LunarTemplates collections.