UPDATE: As of September 2014 this premium plugin is free to download from WordPress.org!

Popups are consistently cited in the top ten trends most users wish would die out. A popup that appears in front content a user is trying to read or interact with is nothing more than an obstruction; an inconvenient interruption which alienates users, and more often than not, sends them bouncing to a less intrusive website.

It’s not that the popup itself is innately wrong or bad. Rather, it stands as a barrier between a user and your content. The problem is one of timing and placement. They create a problem rather than solving one. That makes your site less usable, and your users more irritable.

“BetterOptin revolves around the concept that a popup should only be triggered at the appropriate moment.”ThemeAvenue

Still, you need to call user attention to your CTA at some point, and popups are undoubtedly effective at getting attention. They veritably scream for it by moving directly into your line of vision. If the problem is only one of timing and placement, then isn’t there some way that popups could be utilized to your benefit as well as your user’s?

A brand new WordPress plugin from ThemeAvenue, BetterOptin, answers this query quite nicely.

Everything has its place

BetterOptin Increase Conversion Rate 1

The big difference BetterOptin offers is its tactful timing. By using cursor detection, BetterOptin only presents your popup ad when your users are preparing to navigate away from the page—after they’ve finished interacting with your content. In other words, the plugin detects “exit-intent,” and asks for the conversion only when the user is already on their way out of your sales funnel.

“We created BetterOptin because we wanted to be able to collect opt-in emails in a non intrusive way. As many, we were fed up with popups that triggers when a page is opened. Therefore, we looked into a solution to collect leads without frustrating users: the “exit intent”.”ThemeAvenue

If your content has done its job, you’ve just done the user a favor, namely: you’ve provided him/her with a piece of useful, entertaining, or otherwise engrossing media. Ideally, you will have engendered their goodwill. With this idea in mind, BetterOptin works by tapping into the basic psychological impulse of reciprocation.

By asking for the conversion after you’ve already provided the user with a free service, you’re more likely to gain their business because you’re already in their good graces. That’s what content marketing is all about, and BetterOptin functions with a full understanding of that process.

Bells and Whistles

BetterOptin Increase Conversion Rate 2

A simple solution is always the best one, but it doesn’t need to stand alone. BetterOptin wouldn’t be BetterOptin if it didn’t have a few extra features.

Creation and Customization

BetterOptin’s popup creation interface is simple, intuitive, and much easier to use than some others I’ve seen. The plugin comes with 8 different pre-made templates which you can preview at their full sizes before choosing. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can design its look with options like:

  • Color
  • Opacity
  • Where it’s placed
  • What it says
  • And the lifetime of the cookie it embeds in the user’s browser

Best of all, you can design targeted campaigns with your popup’s customization options. You can designate a specific popup to only appear within a certain page on your site, therefore targeting users with a specific set of interests. Next, you can select specific leads collected by that popup to be separated into different lists through the plugin’s compatibility with MailChimp.

These features enable you to build highly targeted lists so you can concentrate on metrics that matter, like CLV.

Speaking of metrics…


Sexiest among the extra features offered to the plugins users is the analytics tracking system embedded within BetterOptin’s functionality. You can compare the effectiveness of different customized popups by tracking the number of impressions and conversions each one accrues throughout a certain time period. In essence, this helps you perform your own usability tests for each popup.

While there are many other amazing features and functions for Better Optin, you’re probably better off viewing the introduction video and testing out this awesome plugin on your own WordPress site.

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