Visual Composer WordPress Drag and Drop

If you’re like us, and seeing how you’re on this website called Lunar TEMPLATES we assume you are, you like to keep the coding to a minimum.
Wordpress themes are amazing at limiting your time spent touching up code and focusing on the fun stuff, but still, to fully meet your customer needs you’re going to have to create new page templates.

This is where Visual Composer comes in.

The plugin adds a frontend editor to your admin panel that allows you to, well, edit the frontend!

Wordpress Frontend Drag and Drop Plugin

You add rows divided into colums and then fill them up with content elements. The elements contain pretty much anything you could ever need such as text blocks, buttons, social media icons, CTO’s etc., but if you were looking to get extremely fancy you could probably get your fix through the variety of premium addons.

There’s Templatera to manage your templates, Parallax Background to animate your rows, 4000 Ultimate Icons to provide you with a buttload of icons and many more.

Everything created through the frontend page editor can be dragged and dropped around to your heart’s content.

I can already hear you thinking: “Great, I just got the hang of using themes and now I’m gonna go back to doing everything myself?”

That’s the beauty of it. It works with any theme.

You can roll your own color themes through the color themes. It allows you to chance hover colors, border colors, CTA background and even Google Maps background colors.

Oh and did I mention everything’s fully responsive?

If you still feel like getting your hands dirty, it’s all pretty intuitive. Right from your functions.php file you can modify default content elements or add your own shortcodes to the Visual Composer’s drag and drop interface.

Use built in methods to “teach” Visual Composer how it should work with new content element (shortcode) and just in few minutes you will extend Visual Composer.

Wordpress Frontend Drag and Drop Plugin

If you think your addons are good enough, you can even make money off of them.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word on it. Forbes, Web Designer Magazine, Vandelay Design, Sitepoint and many more all unanimously agree that this is by far the best drag and drop editor out there.

Just head on over to Visual Composer and fiddle around with it for yourself in their demo environment.


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