Fonts are very important in the modern day. The digital turn the world has taken has diversified several things and fonts are no exception. Several years ago, writings were very basic things and the fonts used were not really looked at as the main purpose was for the readability of the message by the reader. In the modern day however, fonts have been worked on and there are several fonts that have been developed. Most computers that are used in the modern day come with all these thousands of fonts already installed in them.

When writing a piece, it is very important that you choose your font carefully as the type of font you choose has a very significant effect on the outcome of the piece you are writing. The choice of your font more importantly makes a very huge difference in your targeted audience’s ability to effectively read, comprehend and also put into use the piece you have written.

Looking at the types of fonts, some of the most common fonts include the serif, sans serif and the decorative fonts. Let us take a look at these types of fonts and how they are used as all fonts basically fall under these three types of fonts.  WE also have some examples of each font that you might like to use.


Serif Fonts

A Serif can simply be described as the little line on top and bottom of a distinct type of font. This serif is significant as it basically helps to keep a readers eye on the move along the page when he or she is reading a piece. Examples of types of fonts that have serifs are the Times and the Garamond fonts.  When you look at texts written in these fonts, you will notice that the serifs are aligned in such a way that they seem to flow in a specific direction which is that of the text.  This is important as it helps the bottom line of the lines of the text to stand out from the others. All this is aimed at keeping your eye moving towards the right as you read the piece.

Gardener Font






Quincy CF Font



Sans Serif Fonts

These types of fonts are simply the opposite of the serif fonts. This is so since the sans serif fonts are ones that do not have the serifs. Literally speaking, these fonts are can be termed as “without serifs” types of fonts. One of the most common font under this type of fonts is the Arial font. Comparing this type of font with the serifs, you will be able to see that they generally stand out more than their serif counterparts. However one limitation of the sans serif fonts is that they give a reader a harder time especially when they are used on the longer lines and paragraphs.




Intertape Font

Intertape Font


Doodly TrueType – Awesome doodle font

Doodly TrueType - Awesome doodle font


Decorative fonts.

This is a category of fonts that basically describes itself when you look at the name. These fonts are literally used for decorations. They are generally fancy and good looking fonts that are meant to make a text look good. These fonts are designed to create a greater visual impact rather than enhance readability of the text. Most of these fonts can be observed to look quite similar to the handwritten fonts as they are of different shapes.

Radius Font

Radius Font


Vintage Fonts Bundle 2

Vintage Fonts Bundle 2


Questoz: Historical Lettering Font

Questoz Historical Lettering Font



Those are basically the three wide categories that fonts fall in. It is important to establish what you really want to enhance on your text before you settle on a type of font to use. When enhancing readability, you should avoid the decorative fonts and go for the serif for the long texts and the sans serif for the shorter texts. When enhancing visual image you should make use of the decorative texts.